Frede’s Dox

Heheh. We asked him for his ip and he literally gaved us his ip. Anyway here’s his dox:

  • IP Address:
  • IP Host:
  • Continent: Europe (EU)
  • Country: Portugal (PT)
  • State: Porto
  • City: Gondomar
  • ISP: ZON TV Cabo (Translation: ZON TV Cable, hehe!)
  • Organization: ZON TV Cabo
  • Timezone: Europe/Lisbon
  • Continent Latitude / Longitude: 48.69083 / 9.1405
  • Country Latitude / Longitude: 39.5 / -8
  • City Latitude / Longitude: (38.75) / (-9.2333)
  • IP Language: Portuguese, Mirandese
  • IP Currency: Euro(€) (EUR)
  • IDD Code: +351

Researched by Lake.


Vacrelio Dox

A Dox Made By One of our Members. Gotchee.

  • Location         PERU, LIMA
  • Latitude, Longitude     -12.043333, -77.028333 (-12°2’36″S   -77°1’42″W)
  • Connection through      TDPERX3-LACNIC
  • Local Time      24 Nov, 2011 12:02 AM (UTC -05:00)
  • Domain  SPEEDY.NET.PE
  • Net Speed       DSL
  • Area Code       –
  • IDD Code        51
  • ZIP Code        –
  • Weather Station LIMA (PEXX0011)
  • Mobile Country Code (MCC)       –
  • Mobile Network Code (MNC)       –
  • Carrier Name    –
  • By Gotchee
His general look:
Having a Good Time with his wimp sister:
His GIANT family ( No Joke, this guy has like 10 brothers….):
We also have proof that he is gay:

Message To Screamdevz.

Hello People of ScreamDevz.

We will like to get your attention saying:

ScreamDevz is planning something major on the end of the year. We wont hide it from you…. We will attack the top 10 armies of clubpenguin. The Operation is called CPADO ( Club Penguin Army DDoS Operation). We will crash their websites, and cause a major problem on their connection. CP will have some days of peace. You’re welcomed to help us if you want. The Operation will begin either on Christmas, or on the Early months of 2012, due to school.

First Of all, We all know you wont crash The CPADO (ClubPenguin Army DDoS) Because Your hacking group is a failure.

Second Of all, You cant ddos or hack Because You tryed to ddos,Hack And Crash CPV2 And all you did is talk on the chat while you failed to Do what you said.

Finally,You cant cause a major problem on no-ones connection Because Your Just A Peace of dirt in sand. And Some day your hacking group will be dead because, No one will like it because its shit.

We are NexusTHO.

Thank you for reading this.